Introduction to the CARIS website

CARIS is the Conflict Analysis and Resolution Information Services website. The purpose of CARIS is the promotion of education and research for people who wish to understand armed conflict in the world today and how it can be brought to an end. CARIS is intended both for anyone who wishes to learn about conflict analysis and resolution and the more experienced researcher who wishes to explore new ideas. The website has no political or ideological affiliation outside of the goal of conflict resolution and acts as independent resource centre. It is also a gateway to the wider community of conflict analysis and resolution.

The aims of CARIS are:

  1. The promotion of the understanding and resolution of armed conflict.
  2. The provision of open access information and resources to all for the understanding of conflict analysis and resolution and the ending of terrorism and insurgency.
  3. The hosting of dedicated research centres and documents with the purpose of producing original research and publications.

What CARIS can do for you.

We see and hear about armed conflict in the news every day and many people are unfortunate enough to be caught up in one. It can seem that armed conflict is endemic and never ending. In fact, the majority of conflicts do end and conflict analysis and resolution helps us understand why and points towards how ongoing armed conflicts can be ended.

CARIS provides three services towards this goal:

Conflict Analysis and Resolution: An open source information centre on Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR) aimed at promoting education and knowledge of the subject area. This is intended for non-specialist who wants to learn about armed conflict, how it is studied, and most important of all, how it can be resolved. The information centre also hosts a resources page with links to sites and organisations with aims similar to those of CARIS.

Research Centres: Open access hosting of collaborative research areas to generate networks and resources for the study of topics related to the aims of the CARIS. This is intended for researchers who want to initiate a research program or expand an existing one.

Documents: Open access hosting of documents related to the aims of CARIS. These include working papers intended for publication in journals, briefings and reports.

If you are interested in learning about conflict analysis and resolution then please visit the website and use the resources, for which there is no fee. If you are interested in setting up a research centre or want to submit documents for inclusion please contact the site coordinator at:

Thank you,

Carl Turner,

Site Coordinator.



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