Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Conflict analysis and resolution (CAR) is the main theme of the CARIS website and the CAR page has two distinct functions. The first is to introduce CAR as a field of study, explaining what it is, why it is studied, and introducing core theories. The second function is to act as a resource centre by providing information on books, journals, organisations and websites linked to CAR and the associated field of Peace Studies. The resource centre for CAR also provides a complete bibliography of the sources used in its development.

The user is actively encouraged to explore these other sites, and also the free to access material in the case studies, but this does not constitute a recommendation to join a given organisation, donate, or pay for their services or products. The materials on the CAR page provide the user with enough resources to look at armed conflict with a balanced and critical outlook, and act as a hub to explore the subject further. There is only one recommendation: Question everything, don’t take what you see and hear in the media for granted and reach your own conclusions based on evaluating competing arguments.