Research Centres

CARIS research centres are open access resources aimed at the promotion of knowledge, research and publication in specialist subject areas. They provide the dual purpose of allowing the non-specialist to observe the initiation and development of a research program and allowing researchers to share knowledge and collaborate in research.

A research program is generally hosted by an institution and will have sought funding for a clearly defined research program utilising the institution’s resources, including staff, students and researchers. The potential output of the research program includes the development of university courses, databases, doctoral theses, books and journal articles.

A CARIS research centre has similar goals but with the clear differences that the research operates on the open source principle and may not be funded or hosted by an institution. The purpose of a research centre on this site is to facilitate the exchange of sources and ideas with the aim of generating research and publications: how the material is utilised is at the user’s discretion and they are actively encouraged to join institutions, present papers and publish articles and journals. Use of the site is free and material produced from it and citation of sources is the users own responsibility, all that is asked is that the site and/or contributors be acknowledged.

Contributions made to research programmes will be acknowledged and working group participants listed.

To see how effective an online resource can be the reader is directed to the Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN) at CAIN is located at Ulster University and is dedicated to the conflict in Northern Ireland and is used by people researching what is known as ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland. CAIN is part of the International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE) at, also based at Ulster University.

The launch CARIS research centre is the Corsica Research Initiative (CRI).