Case Studies

The use of case studies enables the analyst to understand armed conflict and allows the application of theories to conflict situations. The understanding of the factors that drive a given conflict can give an indication of how it can be brought to an end and also provides insight into when and where future conflicts can develop and how they can be prevented or resolved. The three cases presented below cover three different types of conflict.

The CARIS case study format provides the user with a short description of the case, some workshop questions, links to selected free-to-access material on the internet and a bibliography. Accessing the internet sources allows the user to understand the case in more depth as they consider the workshop questions.

The Falklands/Malvinas Conflict (Inter-state) conflict-analysis-and-resolution-case-study-falklandsmalvinas

The Rwandan Civil War (Intra-state) conflict-analysis-and-resolution-case-study-the-rwandan-civil-war

The Islamic State in Syrian and Iraq (Trans-state) conflict-analysis-and-resolution-case-study-islamic-state-in-iraq-and-syria